Who is Albert Tibbs?

Under the arch of life stands We the People, We the Economic Justice.


Therefore, I stand for Economic Justice. Where there is economic justice there is peace. It is upon this purpose I announce my candidacy for the office of Fort Bend County Treasurer. Under the arch of life, I stand with personal core values of Faith, Family, and Community. I am driven by a life mission of equipping people, diversity of community, transformational advancement, enriching lives, and family, and change through reconciliation.


My family and I have lived in and devoted service to Fort Bend County for 24 years, married for 38 years and parent of five. I am prepared and experienced as a Community Activist, City Administrator, Pastor and Evangelist, Certified Christian Counselor, Business Owner, Commercial and Municipal Investments, Adjunct Professor, Chair and Board member of Non-Profit and Educational Institutions, Published Author and Volunteer Deputy Registrar Fort Bend County Texas.

Under the arch of life stands the sacredness of humanity, the decency of humanity is the heart of justice and is greater than I. Greater than us. Often the need to protect it, to honor it is stifled under the trampling feet of injustice and the unjust decisions of those who have stayed to long at the bar of self-interest and political persuasion.


Therefore, I have a vision, a vision that is born out of an undying and relentless movement of We the People. We are Economy. We are Justice.

I have a vision of a county that invest in the people through an Entrepreneur Incubator Accelerator Program. Investing in the people is investing in the county. I have a vision of a county that is Fair, Equal, and Reasonable, Economic Justice.